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    The People's Congress Hall
    the supreme people’s procuratorate of china
    bayi building of the headquarter of national military committee
    headquarter of china armed police
    the headquarter of Chinese aviation bureau
    beijing branch of china agricultural bank
    shanghai branch of china agricultural bank
    Chinese light motor group co., ltd
    jiaming group of beijing
    aviation bureau of tianjin
    people’s government of jilin province
    radio building of jilin province
    people’s government of shengyang city
    headquarters of daqing oil basement in daqing city
    the headquarter of changhong group
    national tax bureau of qinghai
    commercial bank of kunming
    xingguang group of qingdao
    hongta group of yunnan
    nanyang branch of china bank
    diaoyutai national hotel
    xiyuan hotel of beijing
    chengde hotel of hebei
    eastern dynasty hotel of xinjiang
    five continent hotel of shenzhen
    dihao hotel of shantou
    silver city hotel of yiwu city,zhejiang
    zhongshan fuhua hotel
    provincial committee of Guangdong province
    Guangdong administration for industry&commerce
    headquarter of Guangzhou military branch
    zhuhai gongbei tariff tower
    meeting tower of people’s political conquest committee of Guangzhou
    Guangzhou daily press
    Guangdong entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau
    zhongshan national tax bureau
    zhongshan local tax bureau
    shenzhen television company
    shenzhen national tax bureau
    the company of Japanese industry